US Dollar Index _ Time At Mode _ Daily Structure

TVC:DXY   美元貨幣指數
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I'd like to walk you through time here and show you the structure that is evident in the US Dollar             .

From the August time frame a downtrend set up and formed at 10-day mode around the 95.50 level and set up the decline to the low near 94.08 on Aug 18th, which only took 3-days to complete the price move.

Once the low was set on August 18th, an uptrend started and formed an 18 day mode also around 95.50 and set up the 18-day rally which peaked right on time on October 27th. The correction after that rally pulled back and held above the 95.50 level on the big November 9th, post-election spike in currencies.

The 97.70 level formed a 10-day mode, then a higher 10-day mode formed at 98.60 on November 10th. The 2nd and higher 10-day mode set up the perfect rally to 102 and the peak on the 10th day.

After peaking on November 25th, a short term 5-day downtrend set-up and failed on the 5th day, which then set up a new 15-day mode at 101. The 15-day rally started on December 14th with the launch from the mode and the peak was reached 3 times with the last one being right on the 15th day on January 3rd and just beyond the projected move.

After the peak over 103.5, a new downtrend has begun which has a 7-day mode at 101.50 and the 15-day mode from the rally has been tested and has held so far. There hasn't been a daily high below 101 to signify that the uptrend has failed. The current downtrend off of the high has the ability to move down to 99.30 by January 25th, which is where you would cover shorts and if you were aggressive, you would go long with a tight stop and look for a rally back to 101.00 where AGAIN you would go short and look for a return to the 99.30 level.

Stay tuned.

I don't think I have seen such a perfect "Time At Mode" chart in a long time.

101.23 last DXY             11:08PM EST 1/18/2017
評論: The pattern tracked according to plan but didn't make the downside target. If any of you shorted, I hope you covered.
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Look where it is now!
Only one day left and we already have a smaller range day, closing up.
witch level it will negate the down trend
timwest PRO felix997
@felix997, Sorry I missed your question. If you get an entire range above the "mode". So, use an average range calculation beyond the "mode" for your stop.
I've been catching many of these, indeed a very perfect trend. Your method is absolutely top notch when it comes to dissecting the market's accumulation and distribution patterns Tim. *where's that vowing down emoji when I need it?*
+1 回覆
Hi Tim, agree, nice view
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