BIG RED BEAR knocking on your door! Part 2 - DXY 2H

TVC:DXY   美元指數
BIG RED BEAR knocking on your door! 12 High Probability Trends Reversals
BIG RED BEAR is back in town and he's hungry for some pips!

Wave Count is suggesting that the USD could unfold a Bearish Minor 5 (red) leg.
Minute iii (red) started unfolding back on Dec 12th when I called the USD down-trend like a champ with this article: "FED December Rate Hike – DXY Technicals – Elliott Wave Analysis".

Dollar Index ( DXY ) is finalizing the entire Corrective Structure which was tracked down in multiple insights:

"FED Rate - DXY Technicals - Ready for a Bullish Corrective"
"Dollar Index ( DXY ) – Bullish Correction – Minute IV"
"DAXY - Bearish Minor 5 - Final Leg"
"DXY Video - Bearish Minute 5 - End of Down-Trend"
"Dollar Index ( DXY ) - Completing the Correction like a Champ"
"Dollar Index ( DXY ) - Completing the Correction - Bull then Bear"

Dollar Index ( DXY ) looks like it's ready for the next BIG moves.

The Complex Corrective Structure is complete, with the entire WXY Pattern showing a possible Bearish Trend Continuation, the Double Flat seems to complete with an Ending Diagonal and the Bearish Divergence.
In simple terms, the BIG RED BEAR is awake and hibernation is over. He is hungry and "pissed off".

I am expecting the USD to get trashed for one last time so the entire Bearish Cycle would complete.
This could make a difference and the Swings could be wild and Aggressive.
Mar 05
Mar 06
Mar 07
Mar 09
評論: DXY is showing a Triangle within the 3 Wave Sequence, which are both Corrective signs and not Impulsive features.

Even so, the move on the up-side seems to have stopped at the 61.8% Fibs with an indication for a possible H&S Pattern.

So far the Corrective Structure is labeled as a Double Three (WXY) in Minute IV (red).

This NFP is more difficult than usual because the structure can still allow one more Bullish Swing as well, transcending into a Triple Three (WXYXZ). This Structure is very rare but not excluded in this time of decisive moment.

DXY is still Bearish, either the NFP results would push the USD to 87.30 or the fall could be delayed, after 91.40 would be tagged.

All trades were moved to BE, waiting for the results.
If NFP data is red, then there's nothing left to do as the trades will continue being green. If NFP is green, then trades will be stopped at BE and new entries will be posted, on higher probability, as this would be the last swing on the up-side for DXY within the overall structure.

Trade with care & many pips ahead!
Mar 09
Mar 11
評論: Market conditions are "dodgy" during these times and structure could become more Complex. Extra caution is needed, watch "DXY - Cheating with the Joker - Double or Triple Three?" video for more details.

Mar 13
Mar 21
Mar 23
Amazing analysis!
@JUSTTTRADE1, thanks, noted, will try
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