ELFBTC - AELF - Long 720 TF

BINANCE:ELFBTC   aelf / Bitcoin
Bounce from 0.618 fib for entry, the fib line held as support.

Worth holding for a long time, elf coin has great investors.

Specialization: Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network


評論: Recommendation by Alphabit Digital Currency Fund:

"AELF's crosschain protocol is solving key challenges current chains are facing, namely limited performance, lack of resource segregation, and a working governance model.

"The new technology is keeping an eye on the big picture," Robertson continued. "It allows communication across existing as well as new Blockchains and provides a Linux-like framework for creating and adding new commercial chains onto the ecosystem."

AELF did not engage in a public ICO, choosing instead to raise 55,000 Ether, (before the ETH price surged above US$450).

The private placement took place with leading crypto funds such as FBG Capital, Draper Dragon, Blocktower, AlphaBit, and others."
評論: found support @ 0.5 fib - testing 0.618 fib atm
評論: took a dip with BTC, 0.382 fib held as support
評論: BTFD
評論: Moving up

評論: getting ready to test 0.786 fib, healthy volume

評論: appears to be forming a handle on the right side of the cup and handle pattern

評論: upper handle is forming in the cup and handle, for the ride up

評論: letting this trade run long term - ELF whales are sending this shit to the moon
評論: =)

評論: 1H TF MACD bounce = bullish

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