Heavy confluence on ELF - +122% profit target

BINANCE:ELFBTC   aelf / Bitcoin
As you guys can see, we have multiple confluence factors at the current price level, indicating that wave 3 is about to start. Targets are marked on the chart. +122% minimum target from the current price level.
評論: One of the biggest names in Cryptocurrency, Alphabit CEO Liam Robertson, who manages the $300million regulated Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, has said that AELF is his crypto pick for the coming year.

Speaking during a press conference in Dubai this week, Robertson predicted that AELF, will deliver large scale commercial adoption of Blockchain technology and solve major transaction issues through its decentralised cloud operating system.

"I think we are witnessing a turning point in the Blockchain industry," Roberston said. "AELF is a new generation of scalable Blockchain computing network, using multi-chain structure and parallel processing to solve issues around efficiency, transaction throughput, and governance."

He added: "I think this is the perfect storm of high efficiency, flexibility, adaptability, and compatibility - one Blockchain to bind them, one chain to rule them all, so to speak."

"Elf is going to 50 dollars by the end of 2018," Robertson said.

////Combining this with the technicals, all I can say is GRAB IT as long as it is cheap!////
評論: Here a short snippet about the purpose of AELF:

ælf, is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network. To establish a Blockchain infrastructure for various commercial requirements, ælf provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system with cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. It brings three innovations namely scalable nodes on cluster of computers, resource isolation for smart contracts via “one chain to one smart contract” and voting through token holders. ELF tokens are used to pay resource fees in the system, such as deployment of smart contracts, operating and upgrading of systems (transaction fees, cross-chain data transfer fees). It also enables community to vote on major decisions, such as electing mining nodes, introducing new features to the system and other major decisions.
評論: Broadening bottom at our heavy confluence area. Fasten your seat belts ?
手動結束交易: Trade closed manually with 52% profit
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