EMC2 - Falling wedge - Tends to break upwards

BITTREX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
EMC2 is in a falling wedge which tends to break upwards. If it does, we will be seeing a big upward movements.
I would wait till wedge is broken. Targets? 10k and 14k

Good luck.
評論: Price went up as expected. Non of the targets are reached yet, but it got pretty close to 1st target (9000sat).
I will try to update this idea and let you know what to do.
Regardless, if you bought at the time of the signal, you are at a 15% profit at the current price of this comment.
Sorry I have been away from updating ideas and posting new ones as I did a surgery this week and still recovering.
交易結束:目標達成: it reached 10% (9000sat) away from our target with a 36% profit (from time of posting the idea).
I'm not able to update any charts due to medical reasons, so I will close it as its.
Great work man! Have a good one, and i wish you to be better soon bro. Best of luck,
DCFreak trader010
@trader010, Thanks man! much apprecaited.
Hi man I took it at 7200 now it's at 6100 should I hold it or sell it?
Man, your technical analysis is great! One more perfect! Somethig about NXTUSD?
So now we wait for resistance at 10k, if it breaks we see upward movements to 14k?
DCFreak vaelfar
@vaelfar, 10k is a first target, 14k is a 2nd target for the future if things go well
Sir what do you mean by 10k here with what regards? Bitcoin price?
DCFreak Jack1212
@Jack1212, 0.0001
Jack1212 DCFreak
@DCFreak, sir can I buy emc2 @0.96$
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