EMC2 opportunity (100%, 200% profit)

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A lot of cryptocurrencies broke their resistance lines in just a few days and I wouldn't be surprised if emc2 would do the same. Currently emc2 is fighting the support line , but if it manages to hold it and regain the trend , the sky is the limit.
Buy orders should be placed at 10000, or you can wait for a breakout, it will be about 12000, i will update the chart if it does.
Stop orders - 8500.
Target - 20000 (100% profit), 30000 (200% profit)
Good luck trading!
取消訂單: News came out that they're a scam. Confirm it yourself
Really now!?
i like this one
What the fuck is that ? Why is on poloniex 1.95 and bittrex just 1.65... ? Do you know ? Thanks for answer...
DreamBlood Yo_Mama_Trades
@Yo_Mama_Trades, if you're talking about emc2/usd: exchanges don't collab with each other price wise, they have similar prices because, let's say, if emc2 is selling for much more at exchange A then B, people will transfer their emc2 to exchange A from B to make profit instantly, and by doing that, they even the price. I think people are even selling bots for this kind of work, guess it works. Hope this helped!
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I lost a bit a faith on emc2. Everyone's telling it will be bullish, but all it does is going down.
DreamBlood SjorsAndringa
@SjorsAndringa, The longer it passes support lines , the more chance it will do a trend reversal on the other one. You just need to place stop orders if you don't wanna lose a lot of money and have a plan when going in. Also reading news about the cryptocurrency you want to invest in will help a lot. Good luck !
habib.sayah SjorsAndringa
@SjorsAndringa, EMC2 is overhyped in my opinion. Lots of people - even after the Einsteinium Foundation denied the rumour - bought based on the Apple rumour. But the main vector pulling EMC2 down seems to be the BTC price.

Now, even if it lacks substance, the hype around EMC2 may have tangible effects, especially with the 19 Dec announcement, because perception matters. The question is whether the hype can drive EMC2 to outperform BTC over the next 10 days.

Do you guys seriously think that if, say, BTC reaches 30k by 19 Dec, EMC2 will be able to rise faster? I doubt that but I'm still hodling...
helvild habib.sayah
@habib.sayah, what is your stop order?
@helvild, 8300. If it goes below, then it would have really broken support. Might be wiser to set the stop order higher, but I took the risk to move it down several times from 10k sats when I saw that even though EMC2 was on a downtrend, support kept showing.
SjorsAndringa SjorsAndringa
@SjorsAndringa, @DreamBlood, I always put a stop-loss in my orders. And I watch the news and I'm following you. Now I know I have to do my own due dillegence. But with all the news and positive prognoses about emc2 I didn't, because I believe in it, and if you believe in a coin you HODL. I am following people who know what they are talking about, and I thought you were one of them. Wishfull thinking...
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