Market Manipulation, but Great Recovery From the Dumpster

BITTREX:ENGBTC   Enigma / Bitcoin
The 16000-22500 sat run was a pump from a facebook group, and unnatural. We're back in the healthy growth chasm and it loooks like ENG should get another organic pump shortly.
評論: succeeded, now potentially for a breakout about the chasm again, hopefully naturally this time
評論: Still moving perfectly and healthily upwards and through the channel. RSI @63 so nowhere near close to overbought, hopefully continues on at a decent path upwards, and creates 18900 it's new hard support.

Link to fb group please, I'd like to know what they are shilling so I don't fall into their traps lol
DeepPuddles FlorisBouman
@FlorisBouman, its actually a really good and informative group. anyone shilling gets banned. The person who recommended this coin did so on his own personal fb page. Crypto Coin Trader is the group if you'd like to join. A wealth of information in there.
I sure hope ENG continues to moon! Would you mind sharing the link of FB group? I can't find it...
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