Enigma Breakout - Next Leg on way to $2000

BITTREX:ENGBTC   Enigma / Bitcoin
Elliot wave analysis on wedge breakout.
60% through and going to wave up from here while the market await and sells for the BTC drop that will not happen.
交易進行: Watch for possible following BTC lead down to .000213 before climbing back over lower resistance and then breaking up.
交易進行: Massive buy wall in place. Is this the last time we see sub $4?
評論: This is still valid as wee see in todays most popular analysis on ENG with almost the exact same impulse waves. Time is of course not represented here and we could be waiting another week.
Also, a big announcement is coming next week so expect that leading up to that could be the start of the next impulse. If the market is too bearish to rally then perhaps after the news or just at some point in the future when everything is settled and BTC finds a bottom.
評論: Playing in the wedge. How far will it extend? Fakey breaky down was expected with the Bitcoin uncertainty. I also expect up to be the ultimate destination once impulse waves begin. Typically these things are patiently drawn over extended intervals and it all depends on how much shaking can happen and demand fills the void as we test lower and upper bounds.
The safe bet here would be to just hold on and target the next big move forward for Enigma Protocol.
this is going to be head and shoulder, look at the high volume at the left shoulder and decreasing at the head, now it is performing right shoulder.
SandraWeiss paulguys
@paulguys, That's not possible with Enigma. It would put the price back at $1 and it is holding tight at the top forming more of a bullish pattern from the 1000% rally. It is still touching a high support here and in a decision moment so let's see. I saw the head and shoulders and worse case scenario the whole market goes WAY down and it teases that zone but doesn't dare cross it and promise $1-2 Enigma.
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