What's the difference between ENJ and NASA? ENJ will moon again.

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
Enjin coin is going to be HUGE in 2018 and 2019.
Available on Binance, KuCoin and more
Fundamentals and news:
* 2 Major partnerships coming up soon! (1 this month, possibly both, no set ETA)
* 1 Big Exchange in March
* 1 Bonus exchange on approx 22 of Feb - Singapore time
* iOS aiming for development completion by end of this month, release is set for Q1 pending apple store approval
* SDKs under rapid development to be showcased at the GDC
* EnjinX User Interface completed , development has begun!
Technical Analysis
I think we will go down slightly more and then bounce off the bullish trend line
MACD going up, RSI going up.

Buy-in zone:
Under 0.00002050
Stop loss: This is your decision, evaluate your risk management, see how long you want to hold the coin for before selling. adjust your stop loss accordingly.
Target (short-mid):

This coin will be massive in 2018. mark my words.

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very helpful, thank you so much
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