EnergyCoin, Who will win, TA or FA?

BITTREX:ENRGBTC   EnergyCoin / Bitcoin
I've been following a.shevelevs analysis often with solid results. So I read his analysis on BITTREX:ENRGBTC             , agreed, and followed it to great success a few days ago. His prediction is and TA dictates that it'll go much higher than this and I am following the prediction. A solid TA to solid success. (left: weekly candles, right: hourly ones. The graph to the right is the first solid movement in months).

And how about EnergyCoin? It's been on Bittrex since 2014, it's minor but has a respectable market cap and volume that's not too shabby. But when you dig deeper you have to ask if the project would be listed today. The referenced website is subpar. It basically is a Dutch non-profit that claims it will use the funds from this coin to invest in sustainable energy projects (governance standards and platform). It's vague but sounds green & good and it's really the sort of project that we, in theory, want to see succeed. And yet, the team is lightweight, the single developer referenced is not even part-time, the various wallets are solid but basically are lightly altered peercoin github forks. A timeline is absent, there is no clear management experience on the team. Plus, communications is an absolute shambles, sometimes it seems that the coin is called "energycoin" because it requires no mining and hence is energy friendly. Messaging is not coherent and largely theoretical. In fact, there are several sites that all seem to be related: and one referenced on github that no longer exists: and all have a different story.

If you had a coin with a US$50m cap, you would hire a core team to slap this into shape, right? You wouldn't want to look like a jumbled together fraud. But wait a minute, it's not a fraud.

Grosso modo this is a coin without a developed purpose, without focus, without team. And what will happen is that the markets will hand this team a serious amount of money. Imagine that it reaches A. Shevelev's target of 3900 satoshi, then Energycoin's 121,547,605 coins at 3900 each will be worth 4740 bitcoin             or (with bitcoin             at $15000) US$71m in the short term. That's a serious amount of money, if you went to the bank for a loan like that with a plan like this, they'd (the bankers) have the best laugh.

It's not a fraud though, what I can tell you is that I am somewhat familiar with this team and their network, and they all meet the gold             standard of environmentally concerned and activist people. Also their legal structure is a Dutch non-profit foundation, a legal entity that prevents stakeholders from emptying the foundation's coffers to their own benefit. And this team certainly won't do that.

But what they do need is a core team. They should contact me, I'm actually living in the same town (Arnhem, Netherlands) as most of their team. What they need is a single website emptied of green nonsense that shows actual partners or projects. They can start selling some their stock of energycoin to the markets now and build that team and invest in some projects. It's rather urgent they do so before the Dutch media and other critical minds comes knocking to figure out what's going on.

TA of course will win, it already has made this plan worth $50m. It'll be much more soon.

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Assuming his technical analysis is correct, and it often is, A. Shevelev's prediction above would put Energycoin at 9300, a valuation that would translate closer to US$170m / €140m, which in Dutch terms would be large enough to be respectably compared to the market cap of many Amsterdam listed stocks.

But no matter if Energycoin is worth $50m, $7m or $170m, this does bring home the notion that a great many coins need to rapidly scale up their operations to be able to justify these valuations.
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