[EOS/BTC] Cup and Handle formation!?

Hello traders! Here we have , looking at it from a has been forming a 4H chart you can see a large CUP AND HANDLE over the past couple months. As outlined on the chart your buy point should be %5 above ideal point. If trade doesnt go as planned, there's 2 possible targets as shown on graph.

As always this is my trade opinion. Do your own research and never risk more then you can afford to loose! Feel free to ask me questions and or comment your thoughts and ideas.

交易結束:目標達成: The handle has been formed! If you had bought around the %5 mark as mentioned above, you'd would be %10~+ so far!
交易進行: Less than 10 Hours ago EOS was trading around $8.50, The price has spiked to over $11.20~ and candle sticks are looking very bullish! This trade is defenitly worth watching!

Keep in mind, If resistance line is broken $12.30~ we might be seeing ATH!
交易結束:目標達成: 5-minute chart, an ascending triangle being formed. There's a possibility of a resistance breakout. This will most likely be Ath EOS has ever reached!

Long term on 3H chart.
There's a possibility of a crossover on MacD current level is @ ~20
StochRSI indicator shows overbought @ ~73.

If your satisfied with profits go ahead and sell, if your aren't set a STO LIMIT @ current resistance line @ $11,52 .
交易結束:目標達成: Congrats to all the traders that took this call @$9.40~, price of EOS is sitting @ $18! That's nearly a %50 profit!
upper resistance?
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