#EOS to da Moon! Target $14.93

We're already half way there. Be sure to check out my previous EOS chart linked below.

Oh and BTC to $54k incoming!

This will be my first chart of the year to actually come through valid... maybe. :-)
評論: Bullish flag.. wait for it.
評論: Let's be realistic.. like Radio Shack.. next target $18.00

評論: Well, how about that! Do we hold for $18 or close? That is the question.

評論: I sold at the top, but now I'm buying back in, going for the extended target at $18.00 USD.

評論: Modified target $19.75 USD or +35% from where we began this breakout.

I've re-upped and moved in heavy on this, selling off some of my slow moving coins for now, to get the gains over the next 12-24 hours here.

評論: Running into some slight resistance here. Might push us down, but hopefully it will continue to rise. Keep an eye out over the next couple hours and make sure you have a stop loss in place in case of a correction.

評論: Ready to break the All Time High tonight? Within 2-3 hours? Target +9% to $15.60
Is there an opportunity to enter now or is it better to see another coin? Thanks
How would you calculate stop loss for this one?
Tin.Foil igormf
@igormf, I'd use the previous low at $13.2 as of right now. But there are a lot of ways to calculate a stop loss. Mostly it's based on your risk vs reward. Typically, 30% of your estimated gain would be reasonable. So if you figure -3% from current value for a target of +9%, that seems ok. But each trader will have to adjust their risk/reward ratios themselves.
where are you getting your target prices from? seems really arbitrary to me, but im pretty new to all this.
Tin.Foil panchotwana
@panchotwana, based on previous legs of growth. Measured using percentage of growth from the beginning of the last minor or major rally until the end, then replicating that growth, nearly equality, starting at the end of the breakout of the technical (bullish flag, bearish flag, pennants, Cup and Handles, Head and Shoulders formations, while using Ichimoku for estimating resistance levels, buy/sell signals, etc).
panchotwana Tin.Foil

i see.

i know you prefer default ichi settings, but to me it seems we're correcting against resistance at the top of the cloud on the 20/60/120/30 4hr. could bounce off the bottom cloud support at 12.55ish and return course, or else sink back to support at trend line. $10 to $11 range, depending how aggressive the bears are.
panchotwana Tin.Foil

heres the chart
Tin.Foil panchotwana
@panchotwana, I see what you're sayin there, but with my ichimoku settings, I see us hitting resistance against the BTC 4h cloud as shown here. I thought we were going to go sideways through it, which is typical when the market is strong, but it appears we're still on the weak side, so we were pushed down by this cloud. Question is, will we push into the side of it or follow it all the way down and back up on the other side?

panchotwana Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, looks like btc going down and around.
sounds amazing i might gonna do the same right now !!!! thanks for sharing
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