4hr chart

EOS has been consolidating between EMA 50 and EMA 200 for a week now. If BTC confirms breaking out of its downtrend then its likely most coins will follow suit.

MACD just crossed down but is fighting to stay up. MFI shows movement up.

Look for a breakout at the 9.9 - 10.0 range with the fib 0.62 as the first target.

Unfortunately the whole market moves with bitcoin and money is currently going into LTC and BTC before others.

Downside is a break below the 9.0 with little support beneath that.
評論: Well, EOS has broken support, following BTC back into its down trend channel.
RSI still not over sold, i would say more red before seeing some green! Look at the EOSBTC, a massive crash, EOSUSD only held the price because of the BTC bull run.
CryptoMagician34 alaekhalditrader
@alaekhalditrader, good point. If BTC can break resistance then EOS will hopefully follow. pretty sure then entire market is in the same boat lol
alaekhalditrader CryptoMagician34
@CryptoMagician34, BTC is retracing now, which means EOSBTC will go up a bit and EOSUSD will continue down. People who went short on EOSUSD will benefit the most.
Shakur0o alaekhalditrader
@alaekhalditrader, why the volume is became too low when others coins like NEO or OmiseGo continue to grow ? I don't understand why so many people left the boat while all the news around EOS sphere is good ...
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