Williams Vix Fix -Major Update -Filtered Entries - Much More

CME_MINI:ES1!   標普500 E-mini期貨
New CM_Williams Vix Fix_V3 - Major Update - Filtered Entries - Additional Alerts - And Much More...

***01-05-2015 Major Updates Include:

***ALL Features Available To Turn On/Off On The INPUTS Tab!!!

*Alerts Enabled for 4 Different Criteria
*Ability To Plot Alerts True/False Conditions on top of the WVF Histogram
*Ability To Turn Off the Histogram and just see True/False Alerts Conditions.
*Ability to Turn All Price Bars Gray, and Color the Price Bars to Match the WVF Colors Exactly, Including All 3 Entry Types.
*Added Inputs To Adjust the 3 Numerical Inputs That Define The PRICE ACTION FILTER! Explained in Video.
*Main Video is 34 Minutes…However, the New Features Are Extensive and I Go Thru All Features In Depth.
*I Recommend Using the VSTOP Indicator. I Go Through How To Customize It In Video.


Video: The Evolution of the Williams Vix Fix - 12 Minutes.

Video: Williams Vix Fix V3 - Major Update - Additional Alerts and Filtered Entries - 34 Minutes.
***Video Covers In Detail How To Use The Multiple Alerts And Plot Styles Available.

Posts To Reference…

New Video on How to Create Alerts W/ Any Custom Indicator.

Great Confirming Indicator for the Williams Vix Fix



This looks great, but where do I get the script?
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Hi Chris, How can I make use of this indicator for short calls?
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pkittali pkittali
Sorry, please ignore my question. Found my answers from the Comments section.
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Thanks so much Chris for all of your indicators and taking so much of your time to make us all become better traders. I have one question regarding the vstop script. I cannot seem to change the script like you did in the video so the last line reads an 'na' rather than 'red". I can't edit any of the script or any script for that matter. I tried help, but found nothing. Could you pls help me. Thx again
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Thanks a lot for your contribution Chris! I am beginner trader and pretty much following everything you are publishing. Hope you got well as well :)
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Hi Chris, hope you can help me. When I try to turn the bars in grey it does not change the color to grey. Seems it has no effect at all on the candls=es in the chart. Do i have to take other steps in order to get it working? Thank you.
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TY Chris for the new update! One quick question. How can I flip it back up with the bars pointing up?
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Here is the link to the code.

All you have to do is look at line 70. the beginning part has wvf times negative one. just take out the multiplication symbol and the -1...then it will plot upwards instead of downwards.

Let me know if that isn't clear...
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elp ChrisMoody
Thank You Chris! Is very clear with good instructions.
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