BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
My personal favorite altcoin.
It now in very good active demand zone .
ETC holders will have good opportunity to get rich this year.

My targets for ETCBTC:
0.0075735 (240% profit for investors)

USD analysis: __
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交易進行: Flying to resistance, need breakout
交易進行: Breakout from Triangle resistance. Moving to target 0.0031630
交易進行: Touched big resistance line.
評論: wait for further price movement near resistance line, i will try to pick up at 0.0024, or on resistance breakout.
交易結束:目標達成: Target 1 reached
評論: #ETC Closed at First Target. Next targets unconfirmed yet. I will closely watch for price development to give a new signal.
For now its better stay away from buying ETC/BTC
Please help for us about ETC!!! 5 of March CLO airdrop, but we don't know anything!
Thank's mentor
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Still hopefully awaiting for a new chart
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@a.shevelev002. Thank you for your signals. can you please do a chart on ETC USD?
Now, it is dropping. Please let us know when we can re-enter the ETC
ETC - Hardfork on February 19
nimrodmandel smonahov74
@smonahov74, realy?
nimrodmandel nimrodmandel
@nimrodmandel, airdrop in the beginning of next month? why feb 19>?
smonahov74 nimrodmandel
@nimrodmandel, sorry - yes, March 5th. Fork Lightkoyn will be the 19th of February
I've found that ETC is easier vs USD, the upcoming fork will drive sentiment but less so vs BTC I'd imagine. Looking forward to your analysis closer to the fork date!
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