ETC trend reversal signs

POLONIEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
With the cancellation of s2x, all of this is playing out and making sense exactly as I suspected it. This whole ordeal of s2x was just to rally BTC in hopes of free money since everyone felt like they missed out with Bitcoin Cash and cause people to sell their alts on the floor. We are starting to see the momentum shift in the alts and signs of accumulation and trend reversals. ETC bounced perfectly off a historical resistance point and confirmed it is now hard support and price does not want to return to the past. Under the 0.883 is always a great place to buy and accumulate as well. Price also broke the downtrend sideways and confirmed it was support. This zone would be our ideal buy points to start to open long positions and get a good average in. High timeframe stochrsi is also on the floor in an extreme buy zone with momentum beginning to reverse and gain strength. ETC is likely to be one of the first to rally with all its positive developments.
評論: Amazing analysis going as decribed. People looking for new entries would be best buying in this zone
@Papou , got a question for you. How many Altcoins should we accumulate? Diversify? I bought ZEC, DGB, XMR already, all at great accumulation zone.

There are many others at demand level or accumulation zone.

Is there any fundamental reason for ETC? Similar to BCH story? How do you compare ETC with ETH?

I’m trying to decide how many coins to buy and what are best opportunities. Maybe just buy Top 3-5 coins.

Thank you!

@mnwind, LTC has great potential and probably XRP.

I think Tether has long-term potential with his half billion volume/24h & half billon market cap.

(But I could be wrong...I just start trading)
Always love your analysis, thanks Papou!
Always love your analysis, thanks Papou!
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