ETC on massive potential buy at the bottom for 500% potential

BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
I posted a Private idea by mistake. My bad.

評論: One can buy between the low point (14000 - 19000) and now, look for the massive return. Definitely, It will take time.

Another way is to watch this for the breakout at ~ 22500 and buy after that.

Targets :

1) 30000
2) 38000
3) 52000

Please note note : Price would retrace after hitting each and every target because of profit booking. You may sell and buy back or hold it.

Sl :

Below the Low. 12000

My friends - Patience is the key.

Please post your thoughts.
評論: Price range is reducing means it is going to explode soon.
評論: Lot of activity here.
評論: I understand it is testing the patience. But patience is the key.
評論: Notice : it is holding above 16000, it can breakout anytime. In this bull run, except ETC everything else ran up. So buy.
評論: If you notice, we were at 16000, now we are trading at 18000+ , easy 15%

Break above the line, it would gather more momentum and fly to the moon. Hold for more please.
交易進行: We are moving here. 16000 --> 20000.
評論: Moving slowly, steadily up.
評論: Testing too much of patience. In case if you want to exit, I would say reduce your exposure to this coin.
評論: do you remember this trade? Broke out happen and moving up.
評論: I would sell at $41 - 50% and buy back at $25 again.
評論: Hope you have sold at $41.
評論: The strength I see is very good, I feel it is going to break the resistance this time and would reach our targets.
評論: Finally, our guy broke out.

High was 320000
Targets :
1) 30000 - Target Achieved.
2) 38000 - Heading to.
3) 52000
評論: We are at 100% profit on this trade.
評論: We are moving very fast here.

Our old logic of sell at 42$ (0.0035000) and buy back at $25 (0.0025000) - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
Hi, im still relatively new to trading / investing. You mention 3% and 8% in the comment below. Can I ask - how much PERCENTAGE do you typically invest a trade? And how do you split you capital between trading and investing PERCENTAGE wise? Do you have a rough percentage framework for when trading etc? Thanks.
maheswar81 noideaihave

I invest 5-10% on trade.

1 BTC divide it by 10, invest on 10 coins, each 0.1 BTC (10%)
Hi friend. I still have some ETC, do you think I should keep them for a longer term breakout o there could be better options. Thanks!
@ctealdi, I would recommend to keep some ETC, but you can reduce the exposure as you like.

I have 3% of my investment in ETC, I had 8%.

We will never know when ETC would wake up.
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It's now at the top of the channel, do you think it will break it soon or could it go to the bottom of the channel before? Thanks, really appreciate your work.
@ctealdi, Expectation is it would break.

I would recommend to buy and add on dips.
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thanks alot man, you doing a great job!:-)
@perdp, yw.
Just bought some. Keep up the good work man, really appreciate it, thanks.
@tow, thanks and welcome.
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