BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
The long-awaited bullish breakout through the triangle (red line - resistance, green - support), TP indicated, according Fib. Bollinger shows price at a bottom of cannel.
Also, taking into account, 12' Dec. hardfork, and price increase of ETH (and others, standing up, after bitcoins pump), cause there are correlation between them (compare both charts ETH/btc ETC/btc).

Hope you will earn a lot. Don't forget use SL.
評論: First TP reached (green) 0.00234196! My congrads to all who hold!

(Sold some on top to re-buy on bottom, if you aren't sure, don't try this.)

Next TP soon!

Hold for more profits!
交易進行: Bitcoin pumping and dumping destabilizie the rising of prices, but don't worry, be patience.

There are also good news about adding ETC on Coinbase - price should be pumped after it
交易進行: Second TP reached (yellow) 0.00258430!
交易進行: Another TP reached (pink) 0.00292870!
交易結束:目標達成: All targets reached!

Next is here:

waiting for it fingers crossed :)
richcock UmutErdonmez
@UmutErdonmez, So do I ))
@richcock, rode that bull,sold on top, jumped to xrp, sold that too, now looking for another bull :)
richcock UmutErdonmez
@UmutErdonmez, crazy good! Good luck, be carefull!
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