Etherum Classic (ETC) Final Push?! - 5th March HardFork/Airdrop

BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
Here is a trade based strongly on fundamentals. We are trading Etherum Classic based on a very strong piece of news, news that the entire cryptocurrency markets love, Hardfork / Airdrop.

I've been recommending Etherum Classic since December 10th, you know we trade LONG term. Long term is safer and produces the best results.

Our first buy-in range was between 0.00130 - 0.00195.
Our second buy-in range was around 0.00218 - 0.00296 on the 2nd January.

You can see these in my earlier trade ideas, this will be shared in the update sections.

Here are the news that are likely to make Etherum Classic reach new highs, it is about the Hardfork:

Next week the ethereum classic (ETC) community is expecting to receive coins from a ‘snapshot’ fork called ‘callisto’ (CLO). The clone will be an exact copy of the ETC chain up until block 5,500,000 and ETC holders will receive a 1:1 ratio of CLO coins.

So everybody holding ETC will receive a free Callisto (CLO) for every Etherum Classic coin. This is called a hard fork / airdrop, and people love it. This is a piece of news strong enough to move the entire price of this coin, but let's take a quick look at the charts.
Charts, Signals & Indicators

- Etherum Classic has been on a very solid uptrend for quite a while now. If you look at the daily chart below, you can notice that this coin remained strong even throughout this huge market wide correction, and it is still going up and wants some more. The ascending channel you see below started on the 8th December.
- You can also see the MACD crossing over as well as the SMA lines crossing each other all over the place, these are the brown, blue and green lines.
- The daily candles are looking awesome as well.

Etherum Classic is very bullish and these signals are strong enough for one last big run before the hard fork.

Here are my new targets for you:

Etherum Classic (ETC) Long term targets:

(1) 0.0045997
(2) 0.0055029
(3) 0.0062329
(4) 0.0069628
(5) 0.0080021
(6) 0.0093259 (All time high)
(7) 0.0131489 (New all time high)

Use these targets as reference points to sell. Based on the strength and momentum the coin has while going up, you can decide which target to sell at. Not all targets are meant to be reached.

Etherum Classic (ETC) Shorter term targets:

(1) 0.0040882
(2) 0.0046741
(3) 0.0050912
(4) 0.0056225
(5) 0.0071568
(6) 0.0096395

If you are less optimistic or want to trade shorter term, you can try the targets above. These are Fibonacci based targets.

Buy-in and Stop-loss: If you are looking for a new entry point, I am not offering those. This trade idea is for all those that are following me from the beginning. But you can enter now, around the 0.0037 price range and use a tight stop loss to reduce risk. Aim for any target you like. Your stop loss can be 0.00312.

Trade strategy: Sell before the Hardfork news on the 5th March. You can say a day before or whenever we are sitting high at the top.

Enjoy. Thanks for your continued support.

P.S. Other coins to look at now: DCR, SALT, LTC
評論: Earlier Etherum Classic trade idea (just click on the image below):
評論: Etherum Classic is looking pretty good. We don't have to worry about small retraces nor anything of that matter since we have been HOLDING LONG.

So we are in a very good position. Thanks for your patience and support. We will now enjoy the fruits of our patience, which double, triple and even more earnings.

Here is the 4 hours chart, quick few things to notice:

- Great close on the last 4 hours candle. You can see full green.
- Also, you can notice that this last 4h candle, with the #1 on top of it, is also a breakout, as the price closed above earlier highs.
- We just need some more momentum, which will build up in the next few days for the last run before the hard fork.

Here is the chart:

Thanks for your support.
交易進行: Etherum Classic is still in an uptrend, and the airdrop is in early March. We are in profits here, you can hold and wait for the next target. You can sell for profits, or you can use our trailing stop loss (private), it is completely up to you. But it should be easy to hold on a trade in profit.

Here is the daily chart with the long term trend line:
評論: Etherum Classic (ETC) is crashing down hard but you should be in profits if you used our VIP trailing stop loss (exclusive for VIP members). At one point our stop loss was at 0.0036, this can be found in our old ETC trade idea.

If you held longer, you can use the following information for our next move. ETC hasn't found support but the strong uptrend which started in December might be this support, you can see it in the image below; If this trend is broken, you can sell right away (use as a stop loss), if it holds, then you can hold ETC for long. You can also buy back in if the trend line holds and the price bounces back up, as you can make another quick profit from that.

Here is the daily chart:
評論: There is also the choice to hold your ETC long to receive the free Callisto (CLO) coins from the Airdrop / Hardfork.
交易進行: This trade is still active.
交易結束:目標達成: News about Callisto (CLO) airdrop on Bittrex:

What this news means is that Bittrex won't be giving free CLO coins for ETC holders. This is bad news for the price.

I have been recommending Etherum Classic since December, when the price was really, really low. My last buy in range came in around the 2nd January (you can see my old ETC trade idea for the details) and we made huge profits.

The Callisto airdrop might be coming or not, but from our last buy-in, we are looking at at least 20% profits, all the way up to 105% profits depending on your buy in (form 0.0020 - 0.0029). If you take into consideration our earlier buy in, those HOLDING LONG, we are looking at up to 300% profits since December (which is awesome for a few months wait).

I recommended several stop loss for this trade. A trailing stop loss for vips and much more.

For late comers, those that came in when the price was high and requested a buy in, I shared that as well but with a stop loss at around 0.0031.

I am sharing all this to refresh our memories as to how much guidance I have provided for this trade, more than enough for you to make good profits.

I recommended a new stop loss for those that didn't follow the earlier ones and are still holding after the price went down from the high of 0.0041 all the way to what it is now at 0.0025. This is it, I am going for the conclusion...

Don't be greedy, be grateful.
Take your profits and leave... Enjoy it.
Do not worry about the "next" run, "another" run, still more coming, etc.
We are already in profits, once you sell, you take it and move on and wait patiently for our next opportunity

I am moving on. There have been many, many opportunities to profit from Etherum Classic (ETC), if you are already in profits, congratulations, if you haven't been able to profit trading this coin, please follow the following instructions when you join my trades:

1- Buy within buy in range.
2- Sell on target for profits (or sell based on "trade strategy" or using the "trailing stop loss" to get out in profits always). Just sell for profits.
3- If the price starts to go down, use the stop loss or simply hold long until the action starts again.

That's all.
You have only two available options: Buy & Sell.
So it is all about timing.
It is all about patience.
It is all about wait.

I appreciate your support once again...

評論: Support turned resistance failed to be broken. ETC continues its decline.

There will more likely another try to break this resistance (green line), if it doesn't happen, expect huge down. My latest updates before this one still applies. It is better to move on, unless you are doing short swing trades, rather than trade based on a single piece of hope and not any real signals or news. The airdrop effect has waned already.

Here is the 4 hours chart (the candles are looking really bad):

Another chart, 1h, this one shows more room to go down (not that much but still some left, plus it will depend on how the next support around 0.00248 will do):

I know this isn't much, but I hope that this information can be useful to as many of you as possible.

Thanks again for reading. :)

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Did you ever transfer crypto using ETC? It is much faster and cheaper than LTC, ETH or most other coins -> It has a better future than most other coins, of course, a little patience is required Alan, patience is good, it is on your side..
+2 回覆
.......... Will try my luck waiting in $27.4, if it hold and trend change to up then I will hold it to $31-33
But if it broken, then will gambling it on short short swing trades. Wish me luck
Xenn77 Xenn77
@Xenn77, If my auto buy price is set to low then will adjust it to be little bit higher Tomorrow morning. (Not intend to get surprise by being HODLER in the Morning)
Xenn77 Xenn77
@Xenn77, Pleasant dream 3.30am (gmt+7) now
I have my coins in MyEtherWallet which supports the clo airdrop, should I keep them in the wallet to get free clo's or is it not worth the risk (considering the price will plummet down right after the snapshot). Should I move to an exchange and sell?
I was all in on this trade and waiting for this since last two months, sad how it turned out :(
alanmasters chiragbohet
@chiragbohet, It depends on your strategy. If you are trading long term, you can keep both, they will go up again in the future. If you are looking for short term gains, you can sell and buy back when a new uptrend is established.
chiragbohet alanmasters
@alanmasters, Appreciate that you replied. Thanks :)
jarking chiragbohet
@chiragbohet, I do also bought ETC on top and stuck now. Basically i wanted to get free CLO, my ETC on poloniex, What should i do get my free CLO? Can you help me out by giving any links so that i can follow step by step. I am new bie. Thanks
@jarking, just goto callisto's reddit it's all there
@jarking, Transfer your etc to ClassicEtherWallet or MyEtherWallet. There is no one tutorial which can help you out. Look on youtube how to use any of the two mentioned wallets watch some videos and you will get it.
You need to be quick snapshot will happen soon!
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