BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
ETC/BTC has formed a double bottom and is currently testing the 0.00209 Resistance Lvl . I strongly belive that ETC will break this lvl and go to test the next lvl which, if broken, confirms the double bottom formation and break out. Now is the time to get in if you are ok with some risk but waiting until the double bottom has been confirmed and broken out of is of course the safest move. The ETC dev team is working hard and they just released their new mantis wallet that is integrated with Daedalus. The Recent update to ETC's monetary policy is promising as well. You can find the dev teams most recent update here: .

Check out: IOHK's ETC page here for more updates about the project and any further developments!

Happy trading!

Ascending triangle on ETC/BTC 30 min candles. breakout incoming!
any news?
road to support 140k?
Really? Are you kidding? ETC going down!
i heard etc is the ethereum of russia, so expect 100x here. i love you man
coltsrule7 Pfeffernase
@Pfeffernase, Its also the ethereum of korea. Currently trading at 38$ in korea while trading at only 28$ in USA. The non USA places love Ethereum Classic. ITs the true ethereum imo. It has a max supply unlike eth.
+1 回覆
Pfeffernase coltsrule7
@coltsrule7, I don't see any kitties, this can't be the real eth SCAM ALERT
coltsrule7 Pfeffernase
@Pfeffernase, lol. ETC can have kittens too. Hmmm I should do that....
GokuGohan coltsrule7
@coltsrule7, don't go with kitties, go with lions. Then ETC will be the king!
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