Sometimes, all you need is one good trade! ETCBTC Long Signal

POLONIEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
Hello Traders!

This is our buy idea on Ethereum Classic. Looks just like how SIA coin did back when it was 60 satoshis.

The technicals are a gold mine, the weekly MACD has just crossed and on lower time frames the price has consistently been making lower lows. RSI also looks great.
This is a trade that will take time to develop and will require a lot of patience but with the amount of potential profit, it is definitely worth the wait.

We'll be updating this post as time goes on.
Be sure to like and follow to be up to date on all our postings!

Entry 0.0022785
Stop 0.0015059
TP1 0.0032057(0.236 retracement)
TP2 0.0042248(0.82 retracement)
TP3 0.0053887(0.5 retracement)
TP4 0.0063549(61.8 retracement)

And as always, thank you for taking the time to check out our post we appreciate all feedback.

評論: Up over 25% in our trade so far! So much more to go :)
評論: Flagging on the hourly, nice entry for people who haven't entered yet!
評論: **TP1 HIT**
評論: Massive break to the upside
評論: Almost up 50%!!!
交易進行: RE-ENTRY
交易結束:目標達成: Sorry we haven't updated this in awhile.
We hit our TP 1,2 and we're now waiting for a new entry!
Any update?
162Trading ChristianGru
@ChristianGru, We're still in! Just a waiting game from here :)
Hey thanks for the your expertise... I'm looking at this now.. Its it good time to get in now??
162Trading jmoneybillions
@jmoneybillions, Buy in on pullbacks!
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