ETC critical moments coming soon. { Bullish }

BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
#. ETC entered the ichimoku cloud (daily candles). Today is the third daily candle inside the cloud.
#. The arrow on the left side shows, last year's setup of moving average ribbon crossing.
#. The right side arrow shows the similar pattern (ribbon crossing each other).
#. 0.0031 BTC is the area of heavy resistance. Also, the daily cloud breakout on the upper side coincides with this area.
#. The underlying volume is increasing on daily basis.
#. The second level of resistance is around 0.0049 BTC . This is expected to be less resistive than the first resistance (around 0.0031). This is also, because if we break the first resistance, FOMO is expected to be very insane. Hence, the second resistance should take less time to break higher.
#. Also, as fundamentals say, January 29th is the date of release of the new messaging system on ETC platform. "The Messaging System allows crosschain interoperability, which means that you can send message from ETC chain to the owner of ETH, UBQ , EXP , Musicoin, RootStock or PIRL address." You can read about it more here:
#. 3-4x price target in less than one month time.
評論: We are moving up, with nice volume. So far, around 15% up, since the charting. The daily resistance line broke. The upper daily cloud is the next, where we will meet the resistance.
評論: We hit the first target resistance.
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