ETC - possible scenario

BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
sell positions at .00352-.00356 and then rebuy at .0034-.00345

Lets hope for the best! ^^

looking at the bigger picture, the top of my TA (wave 5) is the top of wave 3
targets are quite simmular, the thing is we dont know yet how long will 3rd wave be but at least to .00354.
評論: we just hit 1 target, much sunner than i expected!.

Be carefull now, correction could come anytime soon.
評論: If you took your profit @ .00352-.00356 feel free to enter buy position at .003442-.003465.

some bearsih signals on MACD and RSI
評論: 0.003465 buy ordes got filled, we are hopping to go for .003580.

If you've followed me on this one you'd alredy made some good profit but we havent finished yet! :)
評論: made a typo in my last comment, main target for 5th wave is .003680 satoshi.

Place your sell orders around that level(0.00368), up to 0.00376. Most optimistic target for short term is 0.00384 ( i dont think we will hit this in next few hours range tho)

also, we just broke downtrend resistence on 2hours chart, MACD and RSI also showing some great bullish signals there :)

Good luck with your trades ! ^^
評論: Our sell orders got filled during the night, we made some good profit with this one! :)

as expected, 0.00368 was first target and we climbed to it w/o any problmes.
peak was at 0.00371 so congratz to the guy who had sell position at that level :)

I am expecting to go sideways for a while and probably little correction down to around 0.0035 satoshi before next run.

Trade close for now, I will be back on ETC TA soon, follow me for more TA :)

Thanks & good luck! :)
評論: feel free to check my new TA on etc with bigger time frame.


Those could be possible new leves for the next run.

I'd wait for confirmation of bullish trend before follow those prices.

follow this idea if you want to ride those waves with me ! ^^
Wow... this is so accurate !
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@ohchef, Thanks man,I always try my best and this time the luck was on my side ^^
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