ETC last retrace before Air Drop?

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
I had this projection for a while now and it does look like it is heading in that direction. Of course I might be wrong and this is not a financial advise.
1st Target $35.5 (Short)
2nd Target $26 (after b is confirmed with a short position again)
Trade safely, don't put your family's rent and food on the line.
評論: $36 touch, it might be it. I took profit now, waiting to see if b is forming.
評論: If we break .23 Fibo, A will be in the $32 zone but keep in mind that ETC is in really good bull run that's why I picked .23 as a target. Let's grab some pop corn and watch.
評論: 1st Target zone $35.5 reached, lower by $1 actually. I believe we are now forming B, I enter a long @ $36.2 with $39 target. Wait to see if reversal there, we will then go for C. C target should be around $30 ( sorry I don't know how to update chart).
評論: I think B topped at $38.440, we should normally be on our way to C now with $30 zone target. Still not confirmed, watch closely with your pop corn until $36 break down.
交易進行: The count is still valid, just watching today, no position. $32 zone is next support to watch ( more likely to break) $28 zone is next... No pop corn today...
評論: Either we just made A and now we going for B or the correction is finish (check the new chart I made). I would probably go long here.
交易結束:目標達成: I believe the correction finished, if I'm wrong it is going to be WXY correction pattern and not ABC. I don't know hoe to update chart or upload pics in comment and no one is helping about it, sorry about that. You can see my last update on my twitter
評論: ABC is still in, check my twitter for the last update on ETC chart. Thanks
手動結束交易: Correction is finished, we started the bigger cycle wave 3 I believe, follow me on twitter for updates.
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