Yet another triangle to be expected from ETC/USD(T)

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元

We are looking at the 45 mins chart of ETC/USD. We are in an uptrend since the bottom of the market hit and we get constant surges followed by bull flags and triangles. I expect just as yesterday with lower highs and lower lows for ETC to burst with the height of the triangle formed (see dotted arrow) or more. The Stoch RSI is stating oversold , the parabolic SAR is on the sell side , but it is to be expected because of the short term 45-minute chart. However, the MACD is showing bullish divergence , the Volume is becoming lower and we are seeing some doji candles , which states that sell pressure is to its end, giving us a reason to expect the next breakout.

*I also would like to add that the breakout would be around the opening of the Tokyo market , so it would be interesting to see what happens then. If you are willing to trade on this idea, I'm reminding you to never trade before you see the breakout( aka a nice green Maribosu piercing through the triangle)

Yours and only ,

I do not suppose for anyone to buy or sell , I'm just placing my point of you and it is open to criticism and comments
評論: We've have gotten a pretty rough drop , which would invalidate the idea at first , unless a dragonfly doji forms and ETC finds support at 37.5 , where the beginning of the previous triangle was
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