Strong ETC level. Good long idea

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   古典以太坊 / 美元
Buy 16$
1st stop 12,5$
2nd stop 9.3$

1st take 28.3$
2nd take 38.3$

1)The largest horizontal volume are on the level 13-17$. It's very interesting level for investors, and we can see big support on 13$
1) 9.3$ is not only strong level, but great opportunity to open another long position, because next stop will be on 5,5$.
2) SL/TP is 30%/110%, so i am sure this is a safe long period trade.
4) Good news on cryptocurrency market last two weeks. Again we can see such news like "Bitcoin 250 000$" and other optimistic opinions.
5) All altcoins is growing up after big bear period, so we can see the same picture in other crypto like dash, eth, neo etc. It's strong signal that we have the same picture. Do your remember December 2017? When is growing 2-3 altcoins it's doesn't matter, but when is growing all market, is strong signal to buy.

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