Dat Quick Short Doe - ETH/BTC 1hr and 4 hour

1hr and 4 hour
-stoch rsi oversold
-rsi oversold
To be clear, 1 hour says way oversold.
I see a H&S pattern on my other indicator and its about complete.
50-200 is bearing on 1hr and 4 hour.

News shows Mastercard, Cisco and others have joined EEA , however my events management shows no other EEA events are scheduled until about July 24th, 25th 2017.

IMO , I think this bad boy is going to get pumped and dumped. Lowest Risk would be to short when RSI hits 80+ and Stoch RSI hits 98-99 on 4 hour.

BTC/USD looks sketchy as hell too.

I would open a short at .110 or higher...maybe .105.
I opened a small short at .105 because the indicators say way oversold on 1 hour (4 hour just says oversold and 1 day says its nominal).

Be in and be out...Kinda like one of those time you were doing mushrooms in college and hooked up with the fat chick.

Its very likely one can make some quick trades during this news release.
Either go long at ~.1 or under and sell at .11 or higher or short ~.11 and close your short around .1 or lower.

評論: I'm taking profit as I see stoch rsi and rsi resetting to nominal for 1 hour and 4 hour.
Was nice to make a quick 2-3% profit. ~2 btc gain like a boss.
評論: if you guys are adventurous, you can keep your shorts or longs open. I think this thing is going to Yo-Yo up and down on the 4 hour - 200 EMA. Close your shorts around July 23rd to 24th though (i expect things to go bullish). IMO. This is not financial advice...just my crazy ass strategic ideas.
評論: client/node software had a hack for its multisignature wallets. Over $30m was stolen.
評論: I opened another short yesterday. target zone for my tp will be .0782 to .08
交易結束:目標達成: hit .074? target reached, closing trade. analyzing next trade.
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