BITTREX:ETHBTC   以太坊 / 比特幣
1- Draws fibonacci retracement (s)' levels depending on your preferred look back period (Default: 365 and 120)
i) Can draw 2 fibs on the same chart.
ii) Automatic fill function for a Reload Zone inside of a Reload Zone. *61.8% levels to 100% levels or 0% levels
iii ) Can reverse the fib levels. Even, add an additional fib level to look for.
2- Changes the color of the candle when buy(lime) or strong buy(orange) or sell(maroon) or strong sell(red).
i) Analysizes
a) Price
b) Momentum
c) Volume
3- Draws arrows on the chart for long and short positions.
4- Prints out the indicators that are either giving Short or Long signs.
5- The UncleBo indicator gets to overlayed on the chart. The closer the unclebo indicator gets to the All time high, the better buy it is.
i) Same with the other way around. The closer it gets to the 0, the better sell it is.
This is the Beta version of UncleBoindicator.
Trying to make it as simple and powerful as possible.
I will publish it once i feel like it does the job perfect.
For more details and inquiries please pm me.
This thing looks sick!
The current one is working nicely, looking forward to try it out once it's done.
Keep up the good work :)
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