Very strong buy territory for ETH/BTC pair. Expect Hysteria soon

I called Ethereum back when it was in the 12-8$ range that it would gain massively against bitcoin in the future.

I am calling it again now. Ethereum will be the top cryptocurrency and it will happen within the next six months.

This is based on fundamentals and emotions as FOMO will overtake the Ethereum system as large investment companies pour millions into the Ethereum system. If you do not know why this is I suggest you study Ethereum's development conventions.

Ethereum will trigger another mass euphoria within the cryptocurrency community.

After Ethereum takes the top spot many of Ether's sub currency projects will take off as well beating out ETH/XXX shares. Investing in Ethereum sub project tokens at this point is high risk high reward if you pick the right ones. Within the next six months I predict massive histaria that will be brought on by Ethereum ecosystem. At some point Eth's sub projects total sum market cap will be larger than Ether's (100000% return from today's prices)

What to expect:

-Ethereum to rise into 250 billion market cap territory before the shift to Casper. (1000% return).

-Ethereum sub token sum market cap will increase by over 100000% as their sum overtake Eth's market cap. Many of them will be worth several billion dollars as the costs for running applications on the Ethereum supercomputer will come down substantially from scalability upgrades leading to feasible market adoption.

-Government will step into the crypto space and attempt to make laws. Wild rides ahead.
High volatility ahead for all of crypto!

-Mass irrational hysteria. Veterans should diversify.

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