Ethereum about to regain it's value vs Bitcoin.

BINANCE:ETHBTC   以太坊 / 比特幣
Ethereum has been squashed by Bitcoin for too long. You can see by this chart that RSI bottomed out March 29, and price has been steadily rising since then. MACD has had several crossovers, and PPO is heading up.

You can see that the current price is supported by a line of green fractal resistance on the left side of the chart, and the yellow fractals right below the current price. As BTC falls I expect a climb up to about 0.08, just below the line of yellow fractal resistance. I have placed a green horizontal line just above that line to make it a little clearer.

Then when BTC climbs again we should see ETH fall back to my red line of resistance just above the yellow fractals on the left side of the chart at about 0.036. After which I predict a dead cat bounce and then back down to about 0.024.

This is not financial advice. For entertainment purposes only! And I'm probably wrong but I hope I'm right, because those green fractals at the top are at 0.122 and that would be a new high! So I'm looking to get in on the low.

Good Luck and may you be making Satoshi's!

Thanks to Boogieman for cluing me into this trend!!
評論: Eth is breaking! I'm very unsure about those BTC reference points now, so I guess we'll see how that pans out but I am postive Ethereum has a major climb ahead of it.
評論: I guess I should clarify. I'm Long in the short term, Short, mid term and Long long term.
評論: Look for eth to top out around April 19
評論: To those who have stayed in for the long haul, congrats! I have sold all my eth for bnb and dgd, and will be selling back to eth when eth gets low again!
This trade is progressing wonderfully. Still on target!!
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