BITTREX:ETHBTC   以太坊 / 比特幣
ETH is about to breakout.

I will post updates, if necessary, after it breakouts.
交易進行: We can face resistance at the following levels:

(1) 0.038
(2) 0.047 (you can sell a portion around 0.0408 if you want to take some profit)
(3) 0.059
(4) 0.070

These numbers are for reference only.
Use them at your own discretion.
評論: If you want to know more on how to trade ETH, please look for other analysis. There are many analysis for this coin, and this is a very strong coin, #2 in Market Cap, second after the KING; BITCOIN.

I opened this idea as a "BUY SIGNAL" so that my followers can take advantage of this trade even if I am not joining it.
交易進行: First Target {(1) 0.038 } reached.

Depending on your buy in, you should be looking at around 20% profits. Congrats.
I am hoping that you set the sell order and it filled automatically.
交易進行: This trade is going just fine. All bullish signals remain.

交易進行: We are aiming for the second target. The best time to beg for money... (I am just joking, but is true).

Perhaps you found this analysis really useful, and you might, Yes or No, want to support me. Please do so...

Your support, tips/donations/gifts, are highly valued and appreciated. NOW AND ALWAYS.

Your gift will support more fully updated and strong, safe, simple, positive and profitable trade... ideas, designed and described specially for easy, of use... YES... and for those that do not have the time to do the research and analysis themselves.

Perhaps, you want to send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or any other coin now, any amount, if you want to... and if that is what you would like to do... now.

All help is highly appreciated, by me, and YOU, because you know that many people can benefit from these ideas.

Use the following addresses to send your TIPS / GIFTS:

BTC: 1FuixEqRubccPr9RxZpFTRAzXhwS4j2Qh3
BCH: 1QHoxyb6eWeTUJQ7umFUSKcCZCGckfx14H
LTC: Ldqto38KKv2wibUBqdaEYN6k7EDMAfBbqm
ETH: 0xb0212a2338eaebd110adc5ca254e23396cc88cd2
ETC: 0x7374fccf45b20f68f444b654402c22246165a366

Note: If your favorite coin is not on the list, send me a message and I'll send you the address for the coin you want to send now.

Thanks for the tips / gifts / donations.
交易進行: First (1) and Second (2) targets reached.

(1) 0.038
(2) 0.047 (you can sell a portion around 0.0408 if you want to take some profit) - We will consider this one broken, as we sell in a range.
(3) 0.059 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(4) 0.070
評論: We are hitting a support level with ETH, if it holds, this is a good buy in zone.
評論: Set a stop loss at 33.
交易進行: We are going for the second target now.

ETH is strong and resilient and does not depend on any other coin. So once you have your gains here, they are secured. Stay strong.
評論: ETH is about to break resistance @ 0.0457.
Once this resistance level is broken (magenta line on the chart), the action is expected to speed up.

ETH resistance chart:

The daily chart looks really good with a very, very positive week ahead. Expect some major gains for Etherum in the coming days and week.
評論: ETH is looking strong on the daily chart, starting a new green candle.

On the short term, 1h chart, it is starting to form a reversal pattern, aiming to go up as well.

交易進行: You can keep your ETH at all times. This is a very strong coin.
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i think it is time for an update
Interesting about ETHER vs WAVES TXs


NOTE: These are just my opinions. My messages or chart analysis are NOT intended as a recommendation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or asset. Do Your Own Research.
some comments pls
Marching towards .070!
any update brother? BTC shitting the bed atm
Do you suggest increasing the stop loss? Or just to just put a sell order on the next target instead?
@alanmasters I've been looking into Social Send can you do an analysis on it? Also I appreciate everything you do on here.
Hey Alan any update on the eth?
So now it should go down a bit right?
nyancode patriziolari
@patriziolari, went down 10 mins ago, then going up right now
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