Quick sign to get out and possibly buy lower.

Although I didn't give a buy signal into Eth (was busy analyzing bitcoin ), I bought at 0.060ish and now sold at 0.06230 due to the obvious divergences. Will probably retest 0.060 area soon if this 4h candle closes where it stands now. When we get there and depending on how indicators look then, I'll update this or post a buy signal.
評論: oh, and btw ignore the Ichimokus, I kept them there to show possible rebuy areas if volume/RSI/Stochastic/MACD align properly
交易進行: In daily candles... I'm expecting a retest

although for some reason, being this overbought and with bearish divergences the pair refused to go lower today
I mean... at this point, the ETH/BTC pair is just trolling me with plenty of bearish divergence but refusing to dump
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