Ethereum - More downside is expected

Looking to accumulate Ethereum?

$782 - $903 is a good area to look for buying opportunity.

Disclaimer - I'm personally not trading/investing in the crypto market. Just sharing my technical analysis for those who are interest in the crypto market.
your wave count makes sense and I agree with it. if this is eventually correct, we should see a major up move following from the 780-900 range...this would be the 3rd wave (impulse) in the larger cycle.
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Hi! Could you explain quickly why you think that ETH will not pass the resistance area around ~$1250? I see on the 240 chart a huge bullish hammer in the dip with lots of volume and the RSI is oversold. It also appears to be supported well by the previous support areas at $1130. Just wondering what I am missing :)
akyong FitFingers
@FitFingers, Hi, it's not that I don't think ETH will not pass the resistance area. But it's just a personal view that I expect price to hit another low before a strong up move :)

I might be wrong too :) haha
Excuse my noob question (I'm very new to trading in general): WHEN approximately do you estimate the ETH price to reach USD 782-903? Are you talking about days or hours? Thank you!
akyong duespicci
@duespicci, it's more of days to weeks horizon for this analysis
@akyong, Thanks!
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