First off, thanks to anyone who likes and or comments on my charts. I am new here, and new to trading in general. This is my first week or two... Anyhow, please feel free to comment and like, I'm trying to gain rep points so I can talk in the chats! :)
I have been profitable, I use intuition, mixed with MACD , RSI , Support resistance, and a general feel of the momentum of the market.
I do actually trade, but Im using Robinhood, and have found it to be the best as far as being a beginner. I am learning to use ThinkOrSwim, but found out TD Ameritrade doesnt do crypto. Anyone who has any recomendations on a trading platform for crypto and altcoins, please direct me. Im in a spiral between coinbase, GDAX, bitsane, kraken, and binance, trying to get some altcoin investments, and its been a pain. any guidance is appreciated.

For this chart, The main thing I wanted to bring up it the repeated curved ramping pattern thats highlighted. I do think the pattern will repeat. So I do expect to see some bearish activity and a possible fall through to the 420 area. But since I believe in the Crypto technology and direction, I know for me, its a short term fall.

I know I dont label everything, I know it doesn't show stop loss or or anything like that. And if you use Robinhood like me, you'd know there is no stop loss function for Crypto. Everything is Manual Labor lol So If you'd like an update on where to set stop losses and where to buy, I'd be happy to share my thoughts.

Please also check out my other charts, and for nothing else, help me get my rep points so I can talk and network and learn from all you Gents .

God Bless, Happy Trading

Remember, it's 4:20 somewhere.

**correction ( sTrong support at 420, not resistance )
評論: so far its following that line perfectly. wish i made the line thinner or more opaque. thanks for those who liked and even more to those who subscribed. that was a surprise. If anyone wants to throw some stocks out that you want my take on it let me know.
I understand I'm a noob, but its good practice for me, and maybe I can add something to the table. also, anyone that wants to add to my topic, please feel free.
評論: Almost Eerie how it mirrors. Almost like it Knows we know... y'know?
binance is great for alts,
@ss44, Thank you, I signed up for binance early this morning, transferred funds from my coinbase, and bought some stellar. do you also daytrade on binance?
ss44 SeriousFace
@SeriousFace, I tend to use a combination of all the different exchanges at different times so to not get stuck during any ones outages or upgrades.
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