My thoughts on ETH are pretty much the same as with BTC , (see the BTC chart I published today for my thoughts on BTC ), pretty much since Jan. 13th ETH has been stuck in a 10:1 ratio with BTC . So I would expect if BTC rolls over and heads lower we will see the same from ETH, or if BTC keeps moving higher again I would expect ETH to do the same.
As I said in the BTC chart comments I am not yet convinced that the lows set on Feb. 5th (ETH) & 6th ( BTC ) are the bottom, as the chart shows I could see a double bottom as one possibility or ETH could head lower and set a lower low. Of course, another possibility is that the low on Feb. 5th really was bottom and we just keep moving higher.
Yep. I’m sitting with cash on the sideline ready to pounce. It was fun the last go round. I traded 7500 - 8500 BTC last week but the commissions and risk take the thrill away.
I also notice that ETH is now at that 10:1 ratio. I am with you, I still think we need to see a double bottom before confidence is restored in the m