ETH seems to break out of inverse H&S

ETH looks to breaking out as well, volume is very low though, so it could fail and accelerate down if volume doesn't kick in around the breakout. This could be a good opportunity to buy it, but there is high risk! A stop around 650/660 would be wise
評論: Still no real volume, this could still fail!
評論: Should stay above the blue line, the black one is really the max. The breakout is was very weak, but there is still a 30% chance it could work.
評論: Could not update, but targets reached!
評論: ETH still looking very strong, i dont know if the market is ready yet but ETH seems to be.
評論: Looks like the fun is over already, the levels to watch are 740 for the bulls and 715 for the bears
評論: Previous analysis of ETH
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Its not looking good. Unless you can short of course.
isnt it just following BTC?! as soon as btc goes up its starts and as soon as btc goes down ETH slows down
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ETHMiner hamdii
@hamdii, Yep, just that ETH is currently slightly stronger than BTC, so that when BTC goes up ETH goes up slightly more, and when BTC dumps ETH dumps slightly less.
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Thank you!
Exellent,thanks! like your TA.
Well done!
Target 760-765$ now ? In this kind of situation when a target is reached , you put your stop where ? 5$ under a leg down for example ? Or you sell higher as possible. See.... And buy again if all is OK ?
It seems to go up again. Do you have an idea of next target ?
Excellent TA!!
What now, hold or sell?
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