ETH +24% target $1445 USD

I tried to share this last night, but apparently, I hit my limit of 10 posts per day. So here it is. Better late than never. :-)
評論: ETH new target $1500
評論: At a glance, I think we're going to go through some consolidation (slight drop and mostly sideways) here for the next week before we re-attempt to break the ATH and push above $1500. With the amount of money coming into the market right now, it's very likely ETH will be moving upward as the primary coin for ICO's.

評論: Looking at this chart again, I see something interesting.. update coming shortly!
評論: Cup without a handle.. possible +27% target $1739

Oh, here is his tip jar, ladies and gents:
"Comment: For those asking, here is my Crypto Tip Jar
BTC address: 1PQPo9mQZBwuySdLwZ2thcSHFCieYdPmaz
ETH address: 0xf6f627917a8a3aeeacf03723bd67f095331bd24f
LTC address: LeaKw8Gwhv9k2BzVLEhW2VRFjpmXhGb5Vk
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just want to say thank you again Tin.Foil. you should be posting an api code to accept donations for all this knowledgeable TA you share.
Reached 1440 few hours ago, is 1500 still valid?
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@Tin.Foil Can you please do ADA-BTC?
You publish many charts. Thank you for your time.
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@LLadyK, Yeah dude you rock! Keep on a rockin!
Thanks for the update, after the objective what is the correction?
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Looking good!
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