Most Obvious Buy Of My 2018 Crypto Carrier

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Hello Guys,

I'm CryptoToon, I started trading crypto currencies a year ago and since then, I quitted my job to focus full time on it.

For my first post here, I'd wanted to share with you my most obvious buy for 2018: ETHERIUM!
It's a no brainer guys. Hands down the most solid coin out there. Mark my words, this year is ETH year.
The question is not are we going to witness the ETH reach the 2000$ (i.e. +100%) but WHEN?

2 (very simple) possibilities:

1) We could see (and it's very likely) see a correction on ETH in the following days/weeks. It would be a great opportunity to buy ETH or buy even more ETH! ETH is 35% of my personal Wallet and I'm thinking of adding more if it drops.
Buy Target is anything under 900$, ANY-THING!

2) ETH is strong and stays strong and slowly but surly takes us to the MOON!
It's simple, if you have ETH old on to it it's just the beginning, if you don't have any...stop what ever you are doing and buy some!

What ever you do always keep in mind: GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Cryptoon from the Sky to the Moon!
Can’t tell if you’re dumb spelling ethereum wrong or being funny
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