ETH will shine again


BTC go its run in December, LTC too, and then later came ETH.
And now we have seen LTC as the lead bull, doubling up fast, and BTC following (LTC actually broke levels before BTC did), but ETH hasn't had this great recovery yet.

So now, as BTC is getting close to breaking its downtrend at about 11500, let's consider both cases:

- The resistance slaps Bitcoin down. Forget about this idea for a couple of days.
- BTC breaks above and goes up up up. In that case, ETH will have its moment of glory too. The boost from BTC rise will likely be enough to pump ETH price to 1000, which will give it enough momentum to break its own downtrend. And what next? No resistance till 1250, and that can even be broke and then ETH is on its path to 1400.

Pretty simple. As for Litecoin, I believe it got its big bull run, and it won't be making big gains right away. Not going to test ath right yet... The 100% increase is in the past. Let's be prepared in advance for the next possible big gainer.

We have not forgotten you Ethereum , you will shine again!
評論: Shorting ETH for now...
Could go down to 850, even lower. i'll long it later on...
評論: Going to have to break soon.

Might go down further before going up.
"Buy total garbage down 99% when there is blood in the street because it cannot go much lower" - Drunk Buffet
"Mix up ignorance and leverage (every "hedge" fund in 2018) and you get pretty interesting results" - Also Buffet
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