Is it possible we've only just completed a Wave 1?

Hi traders. I'm new to trading and have been charting here on TradingView for 5 months, intensely studying all of you. This is my first published idea, so I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

My charting skills seems to be holding up, as my trades have been successful. I've made about a dozen, and so far have only incurred one loss (I am on the conservative side). This idea feels ambitious, though, so I thought I'd share for input from other more experienced traders. I see the possibility we've just completed Wave 1, and will see much higher prices in the coming weeks, possibly to $2,400 with an eventual correction back down into the $1,400's. I realize my targets could likely be more detailed, but I'm still learning. :)

Does anyone agree with this general analysis? Or, have I gotten something completely wrong? Again, I really appreciate the feedback and the time you invest to share it!
Ether price and capitalization is driven by ICOs. Actually in this year forecasted a incoming more that 1k new icos like 4 time more that last year so this will blow up the price alot. This wave you show is made by 14 new ICOs come in 2 days. On 15 this time coming over 16 ICO in the same day. So this scenario you show is pretty possible.
I mean, its possible. The one glaring difference is the volume between the last run up and this one. We need to ramp up the volume big time if we are to continue. Also, a run to 2500 will bring back talk of the flippening. Is it possible that ethereum makes a run at the top spot?
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