GANN, FIB and EW on ETHUSD (Bitstamp) Part 2

Since last time the graph has started with the 4. wave, and I will say we're half away already. To pinpoint the next turning point I have added a reversed Gann fan that gives us wave 2 and 4 - Wave 2 is turning when it hits the arc, and the same prediction is used for wave 4. If we add the global Gan fan and Fib levels we get the next crossing point.
The prediction gives only 5 days till it will reach the crossing point - not that much(!).
交易進行: After some sideways moves it looks like the 4. wave have been moved to the crossing point between the 0,618 level, Gann fan and the inner arc. If so the 4.wave will happen 24/4. As we see the local fibonacci gives us som testing along this path, where the global levels 0,382 and 0,5 are confirming this quite good.

An alternative 4. wave is the next arc in the reversed Gann square and the global 0,382 level. If so I think this will happen 11/5. But according to Elliot Wave I think we are in a quick ABC path and that the first alternative path is more likely.

According to your chart that’s real value of Ether ? Or something else?
Steffro ashwani55kumar
@ashwani55kumar, That's right!
Steffro I think your on the right track with that count it’s mine as well on btc. But where we differ is this 4 is complete here. Now off to 5
Steffro ali-babaa
@ali-babaa, as long as we both think it's Long currently :P
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