In-depth technical analysis
200usd is a reaccuring number in my analysis
The ether Highs at 1440 and 1250 along with the lows of 750 and 550 have created a down wards channel
Ethereum seems to be doing a symmetrical triangle, a pattern it has done in the pass during January
The move in January went from a median of 1050 then broke out to a high of 1250,a move of 200usd
The current triangle ether is in has a median of 850 which could break out to the upper trend line which is at 1250
If ether were to break out the triangle in a bearish move I suspect we will see a short bounce at (850-200=650)650usd, followed by a further move down to 350
Yoimdop3 heartless
@heartless, hopefully you got in before the break out and didn't let the idiot below pursue you away from it
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Your use of the WXYXZ is completely wrong. Study up on EW some more before you attempt to use the tools and publish bad info. Easy to post "analysis" when you have no money on the line, but your bad info could negatively impact people who don't know any better. This is irresponsibly bad charting.
I didn’t know you had my binance,coinbase and etrade crendentials..that or youre psychic cuz like them you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,I don’t have to explain myself to you little man,but if you must know I used the EW waves for ease of use to highlight the similar structures I wasn’t about to plot individual trend lines for 20 minutes. Use your brain and ignore the letters if you can
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