$ETH double bottom Reversal, amidst weaker Bitcoin. BULLISH

Self explanatory in the chart itself.

Very good outlook for ethereum , who hasn't had that much chance to shine for the past month as Bitcoin (and even litecoin and ripple) take the spotlight. Things look like they're about to change in this double bottom formation that's about to complete. I will be adding more in my longterm bag as well as short term break out trade

Beyond Ethereum , I'm even more excited about the prospect of #altcoins. If you don't know altcoins, those are the cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin , and includes things like ethereum ripple, litecoin. These are the big cap major altcoins

Now the mid and small cap altcoins are the ones that are really going to explode. I'll name a few, hopefully you know them. $neo, $qtum, $nem, $trx (Tron), $KNC (Kyber) and even smaller caps $powr, $qsp, $wabi, $BRD (bread), $MSP (mothership)

If you haven't already gotten some of these in your portfolio, I highly suggest you check them out at the biggest cryptocurrencies exchanges out there right now.

Over here at Binance--> https://www.binance.com/?ref=11198129 (use this link to get 50% off trading fees for you to save more!)

Or Bittrex--> https://bittrex.com/ (sorry no promo links for this one :( )

Or for the really adventurous ones that want to hunt really low cap coins (so called undiscovered gems), there's Cryptopia, a small cryptocurrency exchange that contains many very unknown coins with HUGE potential. Riskier though! --> https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?ref... (Again, use this link to.. I'm not sure what this referral does. I think you'll either get discount for trading fees, or some free tokens.)

As always, invest and trade only what you're willing to lose. Don't forget to have a great life and enjoy yourself this festive season!!
評論: The double Bottom Reversal is looking great at the moment, ETH has broke past it's previous ATH, and price exploring even higher now. Will not be surprised to see it reach $1000 by the month end
So would you say I missed my chance to buy low yesterday and there's no way the next 2 days ether is going to fall into the 600s?
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HaixiaoShi armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, there's never a no chance. Although the possibility is very bullish as of now, there may be a temporary pullback regardless.

armenhammer21 HaixiaoShi
@HaixiaoShi, do you have a target in mind?
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