DASH/ETH/BTC - Spot the difference

Dash has currently de-coupled from the market, which means it has a market the other coins don't have....
large indecision candle formed on dash, thoughts?
Good! Hopefully this will lead to an end of BTC dominance and coins will start to see price action based on their own merits.
@cherity, Ya i totally agree, the effects Btc fud or Btc in perma-bull mode are very boring for the rest of the market oO
cheretic Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, well i think we may find out soon enough, as BTC looks to have completed its wave 5 and should move into correction pattern. Whereas ETH only near end of wave 3. OMG just beginning wave 3 and many others just getting started. Time will tell.
@cherity, lets hope, good luck to you *)
Could it be that Dash's price is being dictated by a very centralized group? Just curious. This coin makes unrealistic gains.
Nom_de_Guerre jkldasjdlkahshq3232323qjlk
@jkldasjdlkahshq3232323qjlk, They have the new Kuva-Coin partnership, now businesses in Kiev have started using it - These are real world use cases, the majority of Crypto project still only exist on paper. Palm Beach Confidential did an in-depth and detailed report on Dash and said it was going to $12K, that might have helped too haha *)
It also has extremely low volume, be very careful... one big sell and that will all be gone in an instant.
Nom_de_Guerre Arvin_Darred
@Arvin_Darred, as a long term holder of Dash it would have to be a very big sell indeed to hit me - Volumes are low across the board, the point of this is that Dash is not following the market
Arvin_Darred Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, Oh for sure. If this is a long term hold for you, then you're laughing. And this will just be a blip on the radar. Nothing more. Corrections are natural and a must. And you are right that Dash definitely has its own market. I'm just putting that note out there for anyone who is considering buying into it where it is right now, because they might believe that its a safe haven from the general market ("crash"/bearishness). It appears that way, but it may not be.
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