$ETH next target $460

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Ethereum made a perfect ABC correction and hit my targetbox, followed by a strong bounce.

I could write a long story here about all sorts of supports, resistances, harmonic patterns , h&s , bla bla but I like to keep it simple:

We might see some correction after this strong bounce but based on my Fibo calculations, its pretty clear to me that ETH is going for $ 460 at least. We might see some corrections and some downside when trying to crack the yellow down trendline and previous tops but we'll get there ;-)

Happy trading!
評論: After strong bounce a correction. Possible bouncing area on the chart.

評論: Small update: ETH bounced indeed and broke out of the downtrend which is a good sign for my expectations. After this breakout its doing some correction (retest of trendline) right now before it continues up.
評論: ETH broke prevoious top, so the road is free to go further up.
I'm looking at this scenario:5 legs up towards yellow trendline before we might see a bigger correction.
Long term target will come on the carts by then.

評論: mid term target reached....its pumping so it might break out above the yellow trendline but I'm expecting some consolidation or even pullbach here before futher up
評論: Boom! Target reached!
Nice job
Fantastic! Well done, @Crypto_Ed!
Fantastic! Well done!
Nice analysis like always @Crypto_Ed. I have similar one here presented with different targets + bullish patterns
I think that ETH going in squeeze (Bollinger bands). Soon will be hard movement.
Main problem I have with ETH is that ETH/USD is bullish (fully agree with your view), but ETH/BTC looks more bearish to me. So I guess BTC will go to $6000 and ETH somewhat follow. So for now I prefer to be long BTC.
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Updates sir?
A little optimistic. Depends on BTC.
Thanks for publishing great ideas @Crypto_Ed ! If you ever find the time, please write the "long story here about all sorts of supports, resistances, harmonic patterns , h&s , bla bla" :) It's really helpful for us trying to learn this stuff. Again, thanks for the insight your ideas bring!
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