3 Waves pattern to launch ETH to $500+

Downtrend has ended on ETH, it's very possible Ethereum will rise to $500+ due to a frenzy of speculators amidst institutional interest. BTC also may have solved their scaling debate and a mildly optimal solution may have been achieved. Not the BEST solution, but one that the market will react to favorably... Goldman Sachs has a price target of 3000-4000 on BTC if I remember correctly (did not do adequate due diligence on this, don't quote me), so even if Ethereum maintains a price ratio of .15, around it's previous high, this should easily put Ethereum to $500.

Not a lot of analysis needed for this pattern, simply buy when it is cheap and hold for optimal prices. Make sure to take some profit along the way, definitely take some profit around previous all time highs just in case this doesn't work out as well as we would like.

I am not a certified Securities Profesisonal and I am not qualified to make a recommendation. I am not making a recommendation. Do your own due diligence. Consult with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions.
might be possible
this is crypto everything can happen... i m optimistic about your idea.. if btc wont cause any more problem to market i think in the upcoming next bull cycle we will feel euphoria so we might actually get close to 500$ hopefully :)
If you bank on this you might get burned badly. I can't see your scenario eventuate even under the most optimistic assumptions.
yeah your too optimistic. just had a big pump and sell off to liquidate shorts. i think eth it rekt for now. back to retesting
Pretty bold statement
not accurate. correction is not over. Dead cat bounce, beware
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