1 Year Forecast ETH - Roadmap 2018

Hello Friends,

I'm not done with this yet ...Anyway i want to share this for the Community.

We had a great Year 2017 as Investors and also as Traders (if Trades done Right :)..). But as the Investor in me and the Money I'm keeping stored and not Touching till one point, i want to Forecast this. The ETH Community is Big, we have a lot of People who really believe in this Project, not related to the money, simply because it shows us what the Future could look like if global acceptance will occur. At one Point we choose to Put money into this, simply because we know that technology is the Future (easier said as System Engineer in my Case) and there was a time when we sit for Months and wondering if there will be a change ever and in mid 2017 we received our Answer.

If we take away the Fear, the Bullshit talking, the Scam News, The Trolls that scream MOOOOOOOOOON and everything else that leads to wrong answers, we can take a rational and cool headed answer based on the Year 2017 and the upcoming events.

So this is the First Part of my Idea I'm Sharing

And yes that's a Europe Date

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