ETHUSD - 2 ab= cd to look at or on extension

1382 4
評論: here we are
評論: boom as expected carefull with a pot pullback to 135-109 usd in case of
評論: not so bad
評論: yessssssssssssssss
You were more right than wrong on this call. I don't believe this price can be the indication for an uptrend move. It looks more like a faults breakout. Next stop will be around 150 - 130. Maybe even 100... just maybe. Even though, I am not a fan of fundamentals, but this seems to be one of those buy the rumor sell the new type of move up, especially in the midst of this whole BTC politics for August 1st, there aren't any specific technical trends showing this is a solid reversal other than the fact that we are over-sold on ETH during the short run. However, for within the next couple of days to the weeks, I am see a correct to 170 - 150. Possibly the the new entry would even tab 130 - 100 follow by a quick bounce back to 180..That would be some interesting. What do you think?
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A question that may not be concerned with your trading idea but what broker do you use for trading?
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@blue43 kindly share your view regarding ethereum future price for long prospectus
Sir how u rate ethrereum future ?
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