Ethereum (lesson on never panic selling bottoms)

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
This is a lesson on panic selling (if you panic sell you make bad choices)

This lesson goes for the entire MCAP right now wait for the bounce to take any profits out and then keep some USDT to buy all these crazy dips!
評論: TP at 1200$ and prepare to buy the dip between 600$ and 800$

(for anyone that doesn't understand the chart here's a update )
評論: bouncing off support! Panic ALWAYS rebounds
It sounds like your recommendation to take profit at $1200, expecting a dip back down to $600-800 still stands, correct?
I like that idea and am planning to do so.
Do you think it breaks through the cloud here or back down for another dip before strong move up?
We might be ready for the bounce. Good chart btw!

Hi, we got a pure fall atm, when do u expect a bounce?
ZgarniamHajs MagicPoopCannon
@MagicPoopCannon, my lesson this time was to check bitcoin trend direction before buying any alts, because if bitcoin drops then there is a big chance that all or almost all cryptocurrencies will go down as well, no matter what.
What does this chart mean exactly? Many times thoughts are shared but the explanation seems very cryptic and no detailed explanation. Not being critical just offering feedback. I was always taught overkill is under-rated so in depth explanations being far more than the experienced person needs, but leaves nothing to chance for any range of person following from the brand new beginner to the experienced pro.

Are you implying the current down trend is part of an ABC correction and will correct up (B) before heading back to lower levels (C)? Is this to suggest hold off buying until (c) has completed? Is this suggesting if selling right now isn't the time wait till top of (B)? Or am I missing it completely?
@jss755, The part the says "why you never panic sell bottoms" is where you sell i'm just proving a point that stuff always bounces before going lower nothing is a pure free fall
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