Made this for the Ethereum lovers that wanna go all in

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
Hey Ethereum fan boys hope your day is going well I know mine is.

I can't believe you really panic sold all your precious Ethereum tokens this low again! oh wait actually I totally can because humans are emotional creatures that never change.

The title is a joke never go all in on anything! or all out for that matter (yes I'm calling out the people that are 100% in USD or USDT right now WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?) risk management is key I like to keep the following for my trading accounts.

30% - 40% Bitcoin

30% - USDT/USD (sometimes a bit less sometimes a bit more depending on how much Crypto I have accumulated in times of high panic or how much USD and USDT I have accumulated from the times with heavy greed)

Remaining % in Alt-coins (usually 2 - 3 month setups)

This is a really good spot to pick up some oversold Ethereum though if you don't have any you might as well buy some or start to average into this panic.

Also quick warning _ people you need to learn how to stop checking around on twitter / tradingview for TA all the time and start doing your own TA so you can get a clear perspective on the market this helps so you don't start following bad traders and also so you don't get caught up in the FUD and terrible TA swarm that thrives on twitter and tradingview I have seen top artist that don't even know how to draw a correct H+S pattern so you have to be mindful of who you trust even if they are popular on tradingview / twitter make sure they have kept a clear head through all of the price movement and are unbiased to both directions or outcomes (using primary counts and secondary counts so you can make plans for both outcomes.) it is also important to pay attention to their level of accuracy with entries / targets .

Anyways hope everyone is keeping a clear head and accumulating in this dip! Crypto is far from dead and these coins will do bullish market cycles again - goes back to the start humans never change the mood of the space will change though and people will start impulse buying again just as they impulse sold.

評論: Starting that reversal up
評論: Elliott waves starting to paint
damn are you from the future? lol
any updates on this. great TA by the way
Wow on point GJ my friend
Great call
Hi dalin Could u update Trx?
and btc?
Hi Dalin, what is that circle diagram thing called and what does it do?
@CryptoBlake, Its called a Gann square it projects a form of timing mechanism for reversals - study William Delbert Gann hes the inventor of the tool.
Great visuals. Informative. Simple. You rock!
+1 回覆
Good on ya Dalin, love your energy. ETC looking appealing as well.
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